Jack Carrivick

Newham born and Hackney based director Jack Carrivick has been working in the film and television industry for over fifteen years (twenty five years if you count him acting in an episode of French and Saunders when he was a child). He may have started off working in comedy but in recent years has strayed to the darker side of narrative by making horrors and thrillers. Jack’s style is to find the funny in the macabre and to use comedy to break fearful tension.

In his time in comedy working as Jon Plowman's Script Reader, Jack also got the opportunity to work on Red Button content for comedy sketch show "Watson and Oliver". From that experience Jack realised he loved working with writer performers which has been proven by his long working relationship with Noah and Jordan.

In regards to current projects Jack has written two feature films and is developing a TV show which are all results from a creative lockdown.

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My Work to date

How to Disappear


Writer & Director - Short Film

Social hermit Nina Moyse (Kerry Howard), decides to take things one step further by not only removing herself of society but attempting to completely disappear. Unfortunately her goals change when she discovers something inside her still desires a form of human interaction. This dark comedy will take you on journey thought the mind of a delusional narcissist, who can only but guarantee you'll have a bloody good time.


Super Unit

MARCH 2019

Director - Pilot

An odd-ball group of humans with abnormal capabilities has been assembled, not to thwart the City's evil villains or save the planet from time-travelling aliens, these unheroic supers must tackle the austerity regime from Bertie Jennings MP and rid the local council of Bumfield North of it's crumbling services.

Be Uncertain

APRIL 2018

Writer & Director - Short Film

Stuck in a stagnant routine JD finally does the unexpected only to wish he hadn’t, now full of uncertainty he must try and regain control. This naturalistic sci-fi with tings of horror stars Stephen Wight and Aisling Bea.

Wind In the Wick

MARCH 2017

Writer & Director - Taster Tape

Stella Wind, ex child star, approaching 30, is still devoid of the desire to grow up and reproduced. Instead her days are spent looking for lost felines or deciding what David Bowie album to listen to. “Wind in the Wick” is a story about a woman who is grounded, self-sufficient and can resist everything but temptation

Man Crush


Director - Music Video

"Noah and Jordan (Insert Title Here)" - Camden Fringe Show

JULY 2016


Noah and Jordan Sketches

MARCH 2016

Producer & Director
A series of Sketches for Noah and Jordan Including Luther Parody and Black Man Vs Soupman


JULY 2015

Writer & Director
After a hit-person training exercise goes terribly wrong, Caoimhe attempts to solve her current issue with violence, swearing and Tetris.

Ronnie & Michael

JULY 2014

Producer & Director

Ronnie has accepted his fate but has yet to change his mind when he realises why he really is in the woods.